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  • Slovak edition WE PREPARE

    Systém Joga v dennom živote, publikácia

    Kniha, ktorá by sa dala nazvať učebnicou jogy. Autor Vás v nej systematicky povedie od úplného začiatočníka až k pokročilým technikám.

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  • Jóga proti bolestem v zádech, publikácia 24 € 10%

    Jóga proti bolestem v zádech, publikácia

    A system of yoga exercises aimed at relieving back pain, back problems and correct posture.

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    21,60 €

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  • Pataňdžaliho Jógasútry, 1.diel, publikácia 20 € 10%

    Pataňdžaliho Jógasútry, 1.diel, publikácia

    An important ancient Indian treatise on the basic principles and essence of yoga. It will help you to know how the mind works, what thoughts are and how they affect us.

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    18 €

    20 € Discount 10%

  • Skryté síly v člověku 30 € 10%


    Skryté síly v člověku

    A unique book about the hidden forces within us, with detailed descriptions of the chakras, practical exercises and enlightening stories

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    27 €

    30 € Discount 10%

  • NEW

    Golden Jubilee

    Photo book mapping more than 50 years of tireless service to the world of His Holiness Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Puri Ji through the system of Yoga in Daily Lifeand the message of Sri Alakpuriji Parampara

    In Stock

    50 €


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